Timeline of the History, Present and Future of the World according to the Bible

Christians present the History and Future of the World according to biblical evidence. For the download click here!


1. The long live span of the first humans and the gigantic animals was most likely due to the very different environment. It consisted of a kind of greenhouse climate with about 50% oxygen content (see amber air pockets analysis) and a much higher air pressure.

A sheath of water, ice or steam, was protecting the Earth from harmful radiation from the sun and from outer space. The massive sedimentation, erosion, mountain building, coal and oil stocks were generated by the catastrophic events of the Flood, which covered the whole earth. The icelayers of the arctic North and South artic Poles were created in connection with the disasters connected with the Flood. A young earth of about 6,000 years is therefore quite possible. Earth and life started and developed therefore not by a macro-evolution, but by God the Creator and Father of our Lord Jesus Christ about 6,000 years ago. It had been created „well“. Any information, such as it exists in highly complicated organic life, has an intelligent Creator. Scientific findings can largely be integrated logically in the world view, as it is described in the Bible.

2. To save space, or to win space for details sometimes the scale has been changed, especially when you look at the life of Christ and the end of the timeline.

3. Where times of the Bible are missing, the period can vary up to 100 years. This is especially true for the period prior to 1000 BC.

4. Some famous events and people from the world history at the top of the timeline will help you for orientation. In addition, maps of selected empires of the Middle and Far East are inserted, in particular Turkish empires.

5. The pink, orange, red and blue bar in the central region of the timeline indicate the rulers or kingdoms, which ruled in the land of Israel.

6. After the nation of Israel was divided into the northern and southern kingdom (931-722 B.C.) the prophets of the northern kingdom are placed on top, the prophets of the southern kingdom below. The Prophets who gave us a written revelation in the Bible are underlined. The length of their names indicates the time of their active ministry.

7. After the kingdom of Israel was divided, only the „good“ kings remain in the south. In the Northern Kingdom, not one single good king remained. Evil kings are shown in blue. Also in the Southern Kingdom, the Kings sinned repeatedly and to great extent. These kings names are in blue. If the first part of the name is blue, it states that he acted at the beginning of his reign against God. However if the end of the name is in blue color, it shows that he turned to the end of its life away from God. The reign of these kings is marked both by a number at the beginning and at the end. Their government ended at their death. But if two different times are given, then this is due to two kings ruling parallely.

8. Future events after 2000 A.C. are taken mainly from the book of Revelation. All of these events are not possible to arrange chronologically. Some events might run parallel. Some events that are described in Revelation have had their first fulfillment and may be already in the past. Other developments are only in the future.

9. After the Fall of Adam and Eve and after the flood, a lot has worsened, what we now call normal in nature: the struggle for survival, degeneration, natural disasters and death. But God will allow on this battered world in the future, the so-called millennium, a world as it was originally thought of by him in paradise: Perfect! Ultimately, however, will God create a completely new earth and new heaven and a new universe that will not be comparible to our present conditions.

10. How joyfull can be everybody who believes in Jesus Christ and has eternal life. Christ, the incarnate Living God, died on the cross to reconcile us to God and to give us this everlasting life. How can you be part of this? The step is very simple: Confess to God your sins, believe that Jesus died for you on the cross and invite Jesus Christ, the Son of God into your life. Accept him as Lord and follow his will. The love of God is demonstrated by his behaviour to the people of Israel. In their history he has also revealed his anger at everything that is contrary to his good commandments. That is why it is so important that everyone gets saved by God the Savior, Jesus of the coming judgment.

11. The Bible verses are mostly quoted from the K.J.V. as are available in the free versions of Bible www.e-sword.org or www.bibleserver.com.

12. Sources for the life of Jesus Christ: „Jensen’s Survey of the Old Testament“ Irving L. Jensen, David L. Cooper harmony, Arnold Fruchtenbaum and timeline of Rick Swartzentrover.

13. The maps are taken from Wikipedia, see the author’s information. The timeline from Adam to Abraham is in compliance with the family trees in Genesis 1. Thus, Abraham could have know Noah personally and Adam could have known the father of Noah, Lamech, personally. They lived some time together on this earth. This allows an immediate human knowledge of creation and of the first events that were put down in writing. For example, a quote from Enoch is mentioned in Jude 1:14.

14. You can download this timeline for free as a PDF files from the Internet: www.truestory.tel.

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